Day: February 4, 2013

Video of the Week

Video of the Week: The 2003 Boat Race

This is widely considered one of the best Boat Races of all time and definitely the closest one in recent memory. Acer Nethercott was the coxswain for the Oxford boat that ended up winning by a foot. 4.2 miles and it comes down to 12 inches. In addition to coxing at Oxford, he was also the coxswain of the GB men’s eight that won silver in the Beijing Olympics.

Coxing Q&A Teammates & Coaches

Question of the Day

What are your thoughts on oars? Who should bring them down to the dock and take them back up? Should it be a responsibility for each boat to make sure their oars are down or should the coxswain of the boat bring down oars for her own boat or even coxswains bringing oars down for the whole team … it’s kinda disorganized on my team and many times oars don’t get brought down. I want to fix this … what method do you think is best?

Coxswains aren’t responsible for the oars. They already carry their cox box, shoes, water bottles, etc. – you want them to carry the oars too? They’re not pack mules. Each boat brings down their own oars. The way I usually due it is stern 4 takes the oars down, bow 4 brings them back up. The following day, week, whatever … they switch. Sometimes I’ll do starboards vs. ports too just to switch it up.

If it’s really that difficult to remember who’s supposed to do what, make it a set responsibility – for the entire season, stern 4 is responsible for taking them down and bow 4 for bringing them up. If a boat’s oars don’t get brought down by the time I’m ready to go out, you’re literally just wasting everyone’s time. The fact that people would shirk the responsibility of bringing oars down blows my mind.

Give boats direct assignments as to who is in charge of taking them down and bringing them up and leave it at that. If they don’t get brought down, that’s the boat’s problem to figure out. They’re the ones that are wasting practice time. If you think of it as every second you waste of practice time is one second you’re NOT getting faster, people will get stuff done ahead of time.