About me

Hi and welcome to Ready all, row!

I’m Kayleigh – a coxswain, former volunteer assistant and coxswain coach with the MIT heavyweight men, and currently the Director of Rowing Operations at Columbia University.

After seeing and experiencing the limited amount of coaching received by coxswains, in addition to noticing a lack of up-to-date and relevant information online pertaining to coxswain education, I created this blog in October 2012 to act as a go-to reference site for everything coxswains want and need to know but aren’t taught by their coaches. The majority of coaches out there are former rowers who (some by their own admission) lack the insight needed to teach coxswains the skills that are required of them. I’m excited to use this space to share all my tips, tricks, and accumulated knowledge and assist in the growth of the global coxswain community.

The title of the blog comes from the command that coxswains make before the crew starts rowing. It signifies that everyone knows what’s going on and that they’re ready to row. For coxswains, it signifies an understanding of the instructions given by the coach. Through the posts on this blog I hope to provide assistance and clarity so that when you make the call you truly are ready to row.

If you have a question or comment, feel free to get in touch! You can either fill out the contact form or reach out directly at rowingandcoxing@gmail.com. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for reading!