Day: December 11, 2017

Training & Nutrition Video of the Week

Video of the Week: Sac State Stretching Clinic

If you know you should be stretching after practice but your team doesn’t have a dedicated stretching routine or you’re just not sure what to do, check out this video. It’s 20 minutes long which is about how long you should be spending stretching and/or rolling out after a workout anyways.

For me, the parts of my body that feel the most sore when I come off the water (particularly after a race) are the front of my hips (from leaning over and contracting those muscles), quads, low/mid back, and shoulders. I really like the twists with the bar at the beginning, though instead of twist going back and forth I kinda roll my body instead. I start in the same standing position, arms draped over the bar or whatever I’m using, and rotate my upper body around my hips – sorta like you’re hoola-hooping in slow motion. From there I gradually start leaning my upper body forward until I’m fully bent over and am just loosely hanging there before going in reverse and working my way back up. After that I go into a long side stretch, keeping my arms draped over the bar and just leaning as far over to each side as I can.

Scorpions (at 6:35) are one of the stretches I like to do for the front of my hips. Rather than go back and forth I like to hold it for 30ish seconds before switching, sometimes a little longer depending on how sore I am. This part of my body always hurts the most when it’s cold out (to the point where it actually¬†hurts to stand back up) so this is usually one of the first stretches I do once I get out of the boat or off the launch.

The last thing I do is a few flows through cobra, child’s pose, and downward dog, similar to what she does between 12:05 and 12:45. I try to hold each one for a couple seconds (3-5ish max) but for the most part I like to keep it moving – not fast though, it’s still a slow, smooth transition between each pose. When I remember (which isn’t all the time) I try to take the opportunity to close my eyes as I go through this and focus on my breathing. It’s a good way to relax (or try to at least), especially if I and/or the boat had a shitty practice.

All in all this takes me maybe 10-15 minutes. I always felt like it was a little less critical for me to stretch right after practice (compared to the rowers) so I’d usually wait until I was home and had taken a hot shower before doing this. I found that I felt less sore doing it this way but I still stretched with whoever stuck around whenever I didn’t have anything else to do.

Any other coxswains have their own stretching routines? What do you do?