College Coxing Racing Recordings

Coxswain Recordings, pt. 25

University of Tennessee 2011 Head of the Charles Women’s Champ 8+

Overall, this was a very well-steered race. Her Weeks turn was practically perfect so I’d definitely recommend studying her course through the bridges and around the big turns. Coming around Eliot, see how close the buoys are to her riggers? That’s exactly what you want. As they’re coming under the bridge the video resets to the beginning but if you jump ahead to 30:00ish you can see the rest of the piece from Eliot to the finish.

I felt like the coxing throughout was OK (definitely plenty to talk about but nothing super noteworthy) but the key thing you should takeaway from this is how she handles the course. Pay close attention to where she’s lining herself up in the straightaways and on the upcoming bridges, where the shell is relative to the buoys, etc.

Vesta 2012 Head of the Charles Women’s Champ 8+

This is a good recording. Nothing really sticks out because she executes and steers pretty well throughout the entirety of the course. Overall it’s just a really good example of how to handle the race. One thing I’d definitely pay attention to though is the first 90 seconds. You get a really good idea of what the start of the race is like in terms of staging, what the officials are saying, how they bring you to the line, etc., which can be helpful if you haven’t raced the Charles before.

Other calls I liked:

“Extend into the front a little more, bring the handles to me…” Meaning to make sure you’re getting fully compressed and getting your full reach/extension.

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  1. The link from this site works, but when you click on ‘Chelsea Lucas Recording’ (or whatever) on the USJNT site, it just takes you to the homepage. Their link is broken – not yours! 🙁

  2. The Chelsea Lucas recording does not seem to work. It just go straight to the junior nationals site. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. It should work now. I think the page it was linked to when I originally posted it (over a year ago) is different than where it is now so that’s why it didn’t work. Should be good now though but let me know if it still doesn’t work.

      1. It’s strange because whenever I click on it it takes me to US Junior nat. team home page. Maybe its my computer. It just sounds like a really good recording from the analysis haha.

    2. In reply to your other comment, that’s weird it’s not working. If you can’t get to it from the link just go to the USJNT site and search “Chelsea Lucas” in the search bar in the top right. It’ll be the only result that comes up.