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Podcast of the Month: Tackling College Sports with Steve Gladstone

I’ve really been getting into podcasts this year so I wanted to start sharing some of the ones I’ve enjoyed in case you’re looking for something new to listen to while working out or, like me, you just need some background noise while you do various tasks around the boathouse. (Spoiler alert too, this is probably the only one that’s actually about rowing. They’ve all got tie-ins though.)

This one was a random find but for high school athletes in particular, it’s a good listen. Steve talks a lot about his approach to recruiting, the qualities and attributes he looks for in his athletes, the relative importance of technical abilities vs. motivation and physiology, and a whole host of other things ranging from the trajectory of his career (it’s fascinating if you’re unfamiliar with it) to the value of being mindful and purposeful about your training. He also has a pretty hot take on the perceived benefits of sport psychology, which some of you who are taking psych classes or are majoring in psychology might find interesting.

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