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Do you have any recommendations for summer programs for collegiate coxswains (with 1-2 years of previous experience)? Can you provide several recommendations with varying competitiveness and schedule flexibility? I’d like to cox this summer but I’m also looking at a full-time summer job.

Places that host U23 programs like NYAC, Penn AC, Vesper, Riverside, etc. are probably gonna be your best options because they (as far as I know) practice early in the morning and later in the afternoon/early evening to accommodate the schedules of athletes that are working or interning at the same time. Those clubs also tend to be the upper tier of competitiveness too. I don’t know much about the competitiveness of other Boathouse Row clubs or ones like TBC or Potomac but if you’re looking for jobs in the DC area, those two would also be worth looking at.

I think for next year’s camp spreadsheet I’ll try to reach out to these clubs to get some information on scheduling, how they work with athletes who will be working/interning, as well as what their coxswain selection procedures are (roughly) like. I get questions about this, especially the latter, a lot but tend to default to whatever’s online, which admittedly isn’t much. If any college coxswains (or rowers, but mainly coxswains) have rowed with a club over the summer and have some insights on this, hit me up (or if you can put me in touch with the coaches you worked with, that’d be even better).

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  1. Hi! I am currently a junior in high school and it is my third year of coxing girls. As a junior I am looking into different colleges and I know that i want to continue coxing. In March, I am going to ID camp to try out for the Junior National Selection Team. Because of my birthday, I just miss the cutoff for trying out for HP, so having to trying out for the most competitive spot on the team is really nerve racking. Obviously I really want to make the team, so I wanted to know if there are any tips for becoming an even better coxswain and fully preparing myself for ID camp. I know that making this team can really help me be recruited into really good D1 colleges, and I have to grades for many highly competitive academic schools, so making this team is really important for me. Also, if you know anything that happens at ID Camp besides what they said on the website, please let me know because that would be much appreciated! Weight wise I am fine, luckily I was blessed with a good metabolism because I pretty much eat what I want and I float between 105-107lbs. Also, another thing that I am concerned about is my height. While I am 5’7″, as I mentioned before I am very tiny, but I’m scared they will discriminate against my height. Thank you so much!