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What can I do during an official visit that will help my chances of being a recruit? I am one out of 35, and they choose about 10. Also, do you have any links for previous posts on this subject? Thanks!

Congrats! The most relevant thing I’ve written up to this point that I think might help you is the post linked below where I listed a ton of things that you could/should ask your prospective coaches during the recruiting process.

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Outside of that, the top three things I can think of are as follows:

The best thing you can do is be yourself (obviously) and indicate a real interest in the school. The program, yes, but more so the school. Be able to talk about why you’re choosing that university, what attracted you to the major you’re interested in, where you hope it’ll take you in the future, etc. and then go on to discuss how rowing will be a part of all of that. I think that coaches want to see that the team will be a priority for you but they also want to see that rowing isn’t the only thing you’ve got going on. Your education is first and foremost – after all, that’s the entire reason you’re going to college.

Be honest with the coaches as to where they rank out of the schools you’re looking at. It’s OK if they’re not your number one school but don’t make it out like they are when they’re not. If they ask why they’re ranked here instead of there, have genuine reasons that you can provide. You don’t have to give all your reasons but it doesn’t hurt to give one or two.

Be personable and genuine in your interactions with the people you’ll be meeting with. Firm handshakes, look them in the eye, stand up tall, speak clearly, etc. Present yourself as someone that they’d be lucky to have on the team without being pompous or egotistical about it.

Check out the “recruiting” tag too, as well as “official visit” tag – you might find more tips in there that’ll help you out. Good luck!

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