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Hey! How do you record yourself during a piece etc. if you can’t buy a GOPRO or a recorder? I don’t want to take my phone on board but I still want either race footage or just sound recordings. Thank you!

That’s kinda like asking how to film a movie without any kind of camera – your options are kinda limited. I really recommend investing in a recorder – you can easily find refurbished ones for under $30 but most new ones shouldn’t cost more than $50 anyways. (You can see some of the ones I recommend in the post linked below.) If you can’t do that you could always ask your coach if your team would reimburse you for whatever recorder you buy but the catch is that it would belong to the team and any coxswain could use it, not just you. If you went this route I’d see if you could buy a couple of them, that way they could be rotated between the coxswains throughout the coxswains.

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The only other option I can think of is to just use your phone. I don’t recommend taking it out if it’s unprotected (obviously) but if you get one of those waterproof pouches (I recommend this one) you should be fine. You can wear it around your neck and still use it without having to take it out of the bag. I’ve never had issues with the sound when I’ve done this either so it’s a good solution if you have no other alternative. The $10 – $12ish expense to get one though is worth it when you consider how much it would cost to replace a water-damaged phone.

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