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Hey! So I’m a coxswain in high school and we (all the coxswains) want a coxswain evaluation/ranking from the rowers. Some coxswains feel like they should be in a different boat and we all want feedback from the rowers. How do we go about asking our coach about it?

I would advise against a “ranking” from the rowers. That would only cause … problems. Leave that kind of stuff to your coaches.

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I’d talk to your coach and say that you and the other coxswains are looking for some more in-depth feedback from the rowers so that you can get an idea of the things you need to focus on improving over the winter. Ask them if it’d be possible to do a coxswain evaluation at the start or end of practice one day. If it is, ask them if you can make a list of things that everyone wants feedback on and give it to them for final approval within a day or two. Some coaches will want to create the evaluations themselves but others might be OK with you guys coming up with the questions (or some of them) yourselves as long as they get to see what they are first.

If they’re OK with you writing some of them, sit down with the other coxswains and come up with a list of 8-12 things that you think are the most important things for you to be evaluated on. If you need help coming up with ideas, check out the “coxswain evaluation” tag. Also make sure to note whether you want feedback in the form of short answers or a 1-2-3-4-5 system where “5” is very proficient or whatever you want to say and “1” is the opposite. Personally I’m a fan of short answers but the amount of time you have usually dictates whether or not doing that is an option.

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Also, when you propose the idea to your coach, leave the part about being in different boats out because that’s not something the rowers have any control over – the coach(es) make those decisions and they’ll have their own reasons as to why you’re in the boats you are. If you or anyone want to know specifically why you were in this boat instead of that one, you should go directly to your coach and ask.

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