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Hey so this is kind of a follow up to a question I asked earlier about not training over the summer due to plica. So a lot of girls came back out of shape and our coach hasn’t been happy with our scores. My captain/roommate told me that he’s thinking he’s going to withdraw one of our HOCR entries because he’s so upset about it. My coach did know about my injury but I’m really scared to approach him. He’s a great coach, but I’m just a nervous person/easily intimidated. Any advice?

Ah yea, I can understand being nervous after hearing something like that but you shouldn’t consider it to be a fact until you hear your coach say it himself. It’s possible he just said what he said out of frustration and not because pulling one of the entries is something he’s actually considering doing. He could be totally serious too but don’t get caught up in the rumor mill, even if it’s coming from someone you trust. I still think it’d be in your best interest to talk with him though and let him know where you’re at with your recovery. Acknowledge that you know he’s been less than impressed with where everyone’s at fitness-wise and you don’t want to make excuses for your scores or anything like that but this is what the doctors recommended you do over the summer, this is where you’re at now, and this is your plan going forward.

One of the things you have to consider too – and I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear – is whether you’ll be 100% by the time HOCR lineups are finalized. Basically what I’m saying is I wouldn’t try to rush your training over the next 2-3 weeks to achieve some stellar results just to make it into one of those boats because you could ultimately end up injuring yourself again (and even worse this time). This is another reason why I’d recommend talking with your coach. Ultimately the fall season doesn’t count towards anything and it really doesn’t matter that much in the long run. You’ll likely be much more valuable to your team in the spring so you’ve got to weigh the options and determine whether it’s worth it to go all out to make an HOCR lineup or take the fall slow and get back to where you were so that by the time your winter training trip rolls around you’re back on form and ready to go. You would definitely want your coach’s advice and opinion on that so again, set up a time to meet with him and go from there.

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