Coxing Ergs Video of the Week

Video of the Week: Coxing 1000m on sliders

Next winter when you inevitably are like “how do I work on my coxing in the winter”, “how do I get ready for spring racing while we’re inside”, etc. think back to this video because this is a great idea. It’d also be a great way to walk through your race plan in the spring if for whatever reason you can’t get on the water the day or two before (weather, someone can’t make it to practice, etc.).

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  1. I happen to be the cox in the video, and this was one of the first “coxswain drills” our coach had us do. He made us cox the ergs to force us out our comfort zone, since we aren’t the loudest or most demanding on land. Besides that, we got immediate feedback from him and other rowers.