What to wear: Coxswains (Women)

Over the years I think I’ve perfected the art of layering when it comes to getting ready to go out when the weather is less than ideal. Coxing in Syracuse (and now in Boston) meant that there was no getting away with not having the proper clothes so one of the first things I did when I got to school was go on a big “cold weather gear” shopping trip so I could stock up. Lots of wind/waterproof stuff, lots of Patagonia, and a lot of Hot Hands.

If your team has survival suits for you to wear, definitely consider wearing one. If you do that you can forgo the coat and rain/snow pants since the suit accomplishes the same thing.

When you’re layering up, try to avoid cotton layers and instead stick to wool and other moisture-wicking fabrics. Under Armour, Nike, Patagonia, and LLBean all have plenty of great options. Wool socks (or any thick, hiking-esque type of sock) are a must and if you’re wearing Hunters, I can’t recommend the fleece sock inserts enough. I have a pair of Uggs that I wear the majority of the time I’m out (don’t judge, they’re so warm) but if it’s raining or snowing I’ll wear my rain boots with the fleece socks to keep my feet warm and dry. Gloves that block the wind and keep your fingers dry are also important since it’s really hard to steer when you can’t feel or grip the cables.

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