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I went on an official visit about two weeks ago. I am very interested in this school but I am still looking at some other schools (that don’t have rowing). I want to keep up a relationship with this school but I’m not sure what to say in an email to them. Thanks!

Well first, I probably wouldn’t wait two weeks to email them after your official visit if you’re really interested in keeping a relationship with them. (I’m assuming you didn’t email them a day or two later but if you did … good!) That’s something that would stick out to me if I were the assistant coach doing all the recruiting stuff but I’m also anal about little details like that whereas most people aren’t. I still think it falls under “good manners” though to follow up on stuff like this a little sooner.

In your email I’d first say thanks for inviting you, you enjoyed being there/meeting the coaches/seeing the facilities/etc., one thing you enjoyed about attending practice, and one thing you enjoyed learning about the school itself. Reiterate that you’re very interested in this school and that it’s currently ranked #___ on your list of [however many schools you’ve applied to/are planning to apply to]. It’s OK if they’re not number one so be honest if they’re #2 or #3.

Related: What can I do during an official visit that will help my chances of being a recruit? I am one out of 35, and they choose about 10. Also, do you have any links for previous posts on this subject? Thanks!

To wrap it up I’d mention when your first race is or when you know your next planned erg test is and let them know that you’ll update them with the results (the boat you were in, where you placed, what your erg time was, etc.) later that week. Thank them again for bringing you to campus and leave it at that. Keep the email brief and to the point while hitting most or all of those points. From there I would just keep them in the loop in terms of any major regatta or erg test results (one email per month would probably suffice).

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